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    January 5, 2021
    I spent a lot of 2020 working on some personal growth. I think the biggest thing that faced many of us last year was the fact that we faced one of humanity's worst nightmares: being out of control. Think about it. We couldn't live life on our own terms the way we were used to. We couldn't go...
    For a lot of freelancers and creatives, this is going to be a trying time. There are a lot of jobs being postponed until things clear up, and while a lot of people have savings, it isn't an infinite amount. It's important to stay positive, but also be realistic. Vlad Busko, our accountant,...
    March 17, 2020 · Acting,Advice
    Ah. So you're stuck at home with nothing to do except wait out the COVID-19 storm. Bored yet? You shouldn't be! While the news can make this whole ordeal out to be a massive problem, if you're not sick, you've just been given the opportunity of a lifetime - 3 to 8 weeks of pure freedom. ...
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