TOPPING OUT - October 27th Update

Hello again!

We have some super exciting news: Ākaasha Media is now co-producing the documentary. A big welcome to the two producers coming on board, Nikit Doshi and Mahesh Jadu! Read more about them below.

We're thrilled to bring on a company and people who are aligned with the mission of the film, and Ākaasha Media definitely fits that bill.

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Hailing from Kenya, Nikit has established himself in the film industries of Australia, India, and Los Angeles. His recent LGBTQ+ drama, UNSPOKEN, juxtaposes a modern struggle with the Holocaust. He's gained significant traction producing Stop Motion Animation for Mattel, achieving 50m+ views. Notably, he produced BRUT FORCE and co-financed THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION, now streaming on Netflix. Starting his journey in India, Nikit progressed through roles at Captivate Entertainment and contributed to AMC’s MAD MEN.


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Mahesh transitioned from a traveling puppet show performer in Western Australia to international acclaim. He gained prominence on Australia's long-standing drama, NEIGHBORS, and currently stars as Vilgefortz in the hit Netflix series, THE WITCHER. With standout roles in MARCO POLO and the award-nominated film THE FURNACE, Mahesh has also graced films like THE LOVERS and entries in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise.


Welcome to the team, Nikit and Mahesh!


With gratitude and excitement,


Alexis and The TOPPING OUT Team


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