TOPPING OUT - October 5th Update


Hello from Salt Lake City!

We've been hard at work on the film and it's been an interesting journey, packed with life lessons and new friendships.


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 Filming at Salt Lake City Bouldering Project this week.


This week, we filmed in SLC to get some more training footage of Ben, both indoors and outdoors. Thank you to everyone who made this trip a success, especially shouting out Salt Lake Bouldering Project, Santi Vega Castro and Tyler Smith.


Next week, we will be in Kentucky filming a bit of Rocktoberfest and the Adaptive Climbing Festival. Be sure to say hi if you're around!


Brass tacks - we're in Production moving into Post-Production. That means we are finishing a few pick-up interviews, b-roll of Ben while he is training and other moments. The heart of the film has been covered.


We will have some exciting announcements to make over the next few weeks, and my goal is to send a newsletter every one to two weeks to keep you up to date!


With gratitude and stoke,


Alexis and The TOPPING OUT Team


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