TOPPING OUT - Update #3

from the desk of the director

Hey! It's been a minute since we last chatted!

That's okay though. We'd rather not spam you with a bunch of content-less newsletters that just bog down your inbox. So you know when you're getting an email from us, you know we mean business 

Enough chit-chat. Let's get down to brass tacks!

FIRST, Ben's got an A M A Z I N G article feature in none other than Climbing Magazine. You know, the one where you've seen articles with Jimmy Chin and Alex Honnold and Kai Lightner? Yeah. Our boy's in that magazine.

John Burgman was kind enough to interview Alexis about the film we're making about our Ben. We haven't even gotten through the first cut of the film yet, but we're already mentioned in magazines! Woohoo! Read below.

IN ADDITION, Ben and Alexis will be at the Arc'teryx store in Washington, D.C. for an event this Thursday, August 11 at 6 PM. Come say hi, ask questions, check out some cool gear, and see our clip plus two other short films (directed by women!) about some of Arc'teryx's climbers!

OF COURSE WE CAN'T FORGET to casually mention that Ben got not one but TWO gold medals this year in Europe. Congrats bud!

FROM THE FILMMAKING SIDE, we are moving slowly but surely. That's about all we're allowed to say for now. 

Stay tuned, and come out to DC on Thursday! We'd love to see you!