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    You know when you need to talk to a friend who has nothing to do with that thing that happened last Tuesday? That's why you hire a creative consultant. No strings attached, no BS, just professional opinions. 

    Creative Consultation

    There comes a point at every business or in every creative's life that they need an outside opinion. We're here to help you get through any hurdle: whether that is suggesting new webpage design (complete with a full three page report of why things are or aren't working), or helping you rework a script. Everyone needs an outside opinion, and ours is rooted in experience and your best interests.


    Consultation offered in the following areas:
    -Creative business marketing

    -Script Coverage

    -Pro tips for content creators

    -Second opinion on website

    -Second opinion on social media marketing strategy

    -Second opinion on film's production
    Starts at $50/hour. Prices vary from service to service. Please contact us for more information!
    The first half hour is always free, and we do this to make sure we would be the right fit for your needs! Reach out today!
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