TOPPING OUT - Update #1

from the desk of the director



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Deaven, Vlad, Alexis and Ben (center) at the Salt Lake Competition. 

1. The major competitions Ben competed in the 2021 season have been covered: Salt Lake City, Moscow, and Los Angeles. We have quite a few terabytes of b-roll and interviews from all three competitions, and we will be starting the assembly process in November.  

2. We have interviews from 10 Team USA athletes: Ben Mayforth, Brian Zarzuela, Tanner Cislaw, Melissa Ruiz, Jake Sanchez, Kyle Long, Lauren Pine, Bill Casson, Micah Winkle and Eris Skenderi.  

3. We have interviews in 4 different languages: English, Russian, Farsi, and Japanese. 

4. Team Japan, Team Belgium, and Team Russia participated in team interviews in Moscow. 

5. The film team was able to get interviews with the CEO of USA Climbing Marc Norman and the President of the International Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC) Marco Maria Scolaris, and athletes Kai Lightner and Kyra Condie (Olympian). 

6. Having started filming in June, the director states that about 50% of principal photography has been completed. The rest will be captured in the coming months.  


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Alexis and Ben.  

1. Start the assembly cut process. This will happen in November. 

2. Continued interviews. There are multiple athletes who we would like to interview as well as a number of people involved in the climbing world in various positions.  

3. Fundraising campaign. Goals and details to be announced. 


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