The New Resolution

I spent a lot of 2020 working on some personal growth.

I think the biggest thing that faced many of us last year was the fact that we faced one of humanity's worst nightmares: being out of control.

Think about it. We couldn't live life on our own terms the way we were used to. We couldn't go to parties, we couldn't go to work, hell we couldn't even see our families and friends on holidays!

What little control we had was pretty much lost while the world fought an invisible enemy.

I started listening more.

Whether it was to podcasts and lectures or just my friends' and family members' problems and stories. I created a lot, yes, but I allowed myself the space to step back and learn a lot more. In doing so, I experienced a lot of personal (and professional) growth that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience if the pandemic hadn't happened.

In this time, I developed a method of goal setting that helped me immensely.

I'm still tweaking it of course, because every year brings new challenges. But this method helped me increase my adaptability to things as they change. (That and therapy really helped me get through the changes of last year.)

What my method does is put value building and habit breaking as center pieces next to goal setting/achieving. 

So often we find ourselves only focusing on goals: pay off my loans, get my master's degree, buy a house by 32. But are we doing all of the spiritual and mental work to make ourselves ready to achieve such things? Are you practicing (or at least trying) what you preach?

If you believe yourself capable of achieving goals, such as owning a business or getting straight A's, why then are you not achieving it? While success is generally a team effort, if the problem isn't building or running a team, and if it isn't access to resources, then it must be coming from signals you are sending out. Call them vibes, call them prayers, but when there is hard work, focus and a good attitude, you can achieve anything. And the world around you sees your work and joins in the plans to make them a reality.

Check out my Game Changer Worksheet.

Plan to spend an hour working on this. Setting yourself up for success isn't something you speed through: you are supposed to take time and deliberate.

So what are you waiting for?

Get to work.